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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

Library: Korean | Coronavirus vaccination outreach resources for community-based organizations (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. Getting enough people vaccinated to achieve herd immunity is critical to saving lives and enabling the country to recover from the devastation of the pandemic, yet as of July 2021, around half of U.S. adults were still unvaccinated. This guide shares tools and information from trusted sources that will help community-based organizations encourage and communicate about COVID-19 vaccination within their communities. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Medical/Healthcare on Sep 23, 2021

Library: Korean | Distinguishing between vaccine fact and fiction (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. While many millions of Americans have been safely vaccinated, millions of others have not, with many basing their decision not to get the vaccine on inaccurate or misleading information. This publication counters specific vaccination objections with facts, explains why someone should get vaccinated, gives tips for recognizing and stemming vaccine misinformation/disinformation, and directs readers to resources that can help them get a vaccination. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Medical/Healthcare on Sep 17, 2021

Library: Korean | Steering clear of pandemic-related scams (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. The coronavirus pandemic gave con artists many new opportunities to cheat consumers. This publication highlights some of the most common types of scams related to the pandemic, helps you spot and avoid a scam, and tells you where to report scam attempts. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Fraud/Scams on Jul 27, 2021

Library: Korean | Avoid pandemic-related ID theft and account fraud (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. Identity thieves and fraudsters have taken advantage of the pandemic to get a hold of consumers’ personally identifying information and use it to steal their benefits, access their accounts and open new accounts in the victims’ names. This publication identifies some of the most prominent pandemic-related schemes consumers should be aware of, offers tips for safeguarding your personal and account data, explains how to detect fraud and ID theft, and outlines the steps to take if you discover you’re a victim. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Fraud/Scams ID Theft on May 11, 2021

Library: Korean | Telemedicine: What to know about virtual doctor visits (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. The pandemic has driven non-urgent doctor visits online to help suppress the spread of COVID-19. As more people receive medical care remotely, via a smartphone, tablet or computer, it's important to understand when and how virtual visits might be an option, whether they're covered under private and government-sponsored health plans, and what privacy issues they raise. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Insurance Internet Medical/Healthcare Privacy Rights Technology on Jan 11, 2021

Library: Korean | Establishing or replenishing emergency savings (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응. Many consumers went into the COVID-19 crisis with little or no savings, while others depleted theirs trying to stay afloat after losing their jobs. This guide covers the purpose of, and target balance for, an emergency fund, what to consider when choosing where to keep your fund, tips and inspiration to help you reach your goal, and a list of some FinTech tools that can help savers get and stay on track. Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Money Management on Jan 08, 2021

Library: Korean | Making a job or career transition (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응.

The coronavirus pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work, with many others reevaluating their job and career choices in light of how different industries are faring. This guide will help workers identify job opportunities, weigh their education and training options, make wise choices, and know where to get more information.

Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic on Oct 15, 2020

Library: Korean | Estate planning: Critical decisions for uncertain times (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the wisdom of making critical end-of-life decisions before a crisis strikes. This publication outlines the key estate planning decisions everyone should make now, explains which documents and tools help ensure that your wishes are carried out, and provides resources for learning more, getting help and taking next steps.

Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic on Sep 10, 2020

Library: Korean | Fair housing rights for those affected by the pandemic (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응.

The federal Fair Housing Act protects rental housing applicants, tenants, homeowners and prospective homebuyers from various forms of discrimination. This publication explains how these same rights may protect you from discrimination related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the steps to take if you do experience discrimination.

Filed Under: Consumer Rights COVID-19 Pandemic Discrimination Housing Discrimination Tenant Rights on Jul 13, 2020

Library: Korean | Financial assistance for undocumented workers (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응.

Millions of undocumented workers are ineligible for the federal economic aid available to U.S. citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. This publication provides tips and resources for finding state, local and private financial assistance programs that are designed specifically for undocumented immigrants or don’t ask for immigration status when determining eligibility.

Filed Under: COVID-19 Pandemic Discrimination Money Management on Jul 06, 2020

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