Finding private refinancing options for student loans
Whether you're ready to tackle your student loan debt or feeling overwhelmed by your repayment options, you have choices. A new tool by Consumer Affairs helps borrowers review the private student loan consolidation options available to them in today's market. Comments: 0

Overdraft fees are big business for big banks
Frustrated by overdraft fees charged by your bank? You're not alone. A new report filed by U.S. PIRG Education Fund explains how overdraft fees result in billions in revenue for financial institutions across the country. Is your bank on the list of the worst offenders? Comments: 0

2015 survey offers California drivers insurance pricing insight
The annual pricing survey from the California Department of Insurance helps drivers narrow the list of which insurers to request a quote from—and to see how their current insurer's pricing compares. Comments: 0

Study sees “financial self-efficacy’ as vital component of financial success
Financial self-efficacy is a psychological concept that can be an important predictor of successful performance in individual financial empowerment. Comments: 0

Prepaid cards: New report finds fees, gotchas
A new report finds that upon close examination, prepaid debit cards are laden with numerous types of fees and other gotchas. Comments: 4

FDIC study: Serving the unbanked and underbanked
In the first national survey of banks' efforts to serve unbanked and underbanked individuals and families in their market areas, the FDIC found that improvement may be possible in certain areas. Comments: 1

Avoid Tax Refund Loans Even With Improvements
Consumer advocates warn taxpayers to steer clear of Refund Anticipation Loans this tax season even with some limited improvement in these products. Comments: 0

The Arbitration Trap: Credit Cards Companies Ensnare Consumers
Consumers who seek justice in disputes with their credit card companies shouldn’t expect to find it in binding mandatory arbitration (BMA); in cases decided in California by a major arbitration firm over a four-year period, consumers lost 94 percent of the time, according to a new Public Citizen report . Comments: 1

Financial Literacy and Education Summit 2007
The Financial Literacy and Education Summit, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago during Money Smart Week and sponsored by VISA, brought together leading thinkers in the area of financial literacy policy and practice to share their vision on the future of personal finance education and explore what role the government should play in this crucial issue. Comments: 0

Household debt in America
During a one-day conference on July 19, the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC, presented a number of interesting panels on debt. At the event, The Debt Survey: Public Recognizes Debt as a Fast Growing Problem in U.S., was introduced. Comments: 5

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