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Some of the following Consumer Action publications are available in bulk for non-profit or government agencies to distribute for educational purposes. Further info can be found on the How To Order Consumer Action's Publications page.

Library: Korean | A consumer’s guide to choosing a prepaid card (Korean) .

A prepaid card that charges low fees, comes with desirable features and offers strong consumer protections can be a good choice for many consumers. This publication will help you learn how to compare your options and choose the best prepaid card for your needs.

Filed Under: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on Nov 06, 2015

Library: Korean | Prepaid Cards (Korean) An alternative to credit and debit cards.

Learn how reloadable prepaid cards are different from other forms of “plastic,” how to select the best prepaid card for your needs, how to reduce card costs and how to manage your card account wisely.

Filed Under: Banking Credit Money Management Prepaid Cards on May 08, 2012

Library: Korean | How to send money home (Korean) Tips for transferring money abroad .

Many immigrants send some of their earnings to relatives and friends in their home countries. There are several ways to transfer money overseas. This publication explains the different types of companies that can help with this task.

Filed Under: Banking Credit Prepaid Cards on Jan 25, 2006


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