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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

Banking Basics - You can bank on it (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Banking Basics - You can bank on it (Vietnamese) .

A brochure that provides a simple introduction to the main services offered by banks and credit unions, including checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit and debit cards. It also covers opening an account and resolving problems.

Filed Under: Banking on Oct 01, 2002

Slammed! (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Slammed! (Vietnamese) What to do when your long distance service is switched without your permission.

This brochure explains what to do if you are “slammed” – if your long distance service is switched without your permission. Slamming is prohibited by federal and state law. Includes the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) consumer protection rules to help you if you’ve been slammed.

Filed Under: Telecom on Jul 09, 2002

Giving Yourself Some Credit (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Giving Yourself Some Credit (Vietnamese) .

An illustrated fact sheet describing what credit is, how to obtain it, and how to use it. Also describes credit ratings, credit bureaus, and the importance of consumers periodically reviewing a copy of their credit report for accuracy. Explains the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Filed Under: Credit on Apr 02, 1993

Banking Basics (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Banking Basics (Vietnamese) Những Điều Nên Biết Về Trương Mục Vãng Lai.

An illustrated fact sheet that explains how to open a checking account. Explains different kinds of accounts and their fees, check processing, automatic deposit and bill paying, and ATM/debit cards.

Filed Under: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993

Surviving and Controlling Debt (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Surviving and Controlling Debt (Vietnamese) Bạn Phải Biết Mình Muốn Gì.

An illustrated fact sheet that discusses the importance of managing debt so that it does not become a problem. Explains debt danger signals and how to reduce debt. Also explains collection agencies, debt counseling, and bankruptcy.

Filed Under: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993

Budgeting and Planning (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Budgeting and Planning (Vietnamese) Xây Dựng Một Tương Lai Tốt Đẹp Hơn.

An illustrated fact sheet explaining how to control financial problems by budgeting and planning. Explains the functions of a budget, how to do a cash flow analysis, and how to create a workable budget. Also describes how to stick to a budget and make it work.

Filed Under: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993

California Immigrants and Credit (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | California Immigrants and Credit (Vietnamese) .

Bài hướng dẫn giải thích tín dụng cho người di dân California: phương cách đạt tiêu chuẩn để lấy tín dụng, cách sử dụng đúng đằn, và phương cách tránh vấn đề xảy ra với tín dụng. Bài viết giải thích các cơ quan cho tín dụng, lý lịch tín dụng, cơ quan báo cáo tín dụng, mánh lới lường gạt và lạm dụng. Bài viết cũng đính kèm một bảng chú giải danh từ tín dụng và các nguồn hướng dẫn trong cộng đồng.

A fact sheet designed to explain credit to California immigrants: how to qualify for it, how to use it properly, and how to avoid problems. Discusses creditors, credit history, credit bureaus, scams, and abuses. Includes a short glossary of credit terms and a listing of community resources for further information.

Filed Under: Credit on Apr 01, 1993


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