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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

How to send money home (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | How to send money home (Vietnamese) Tips for transferring money overseas.

Many immigrants send some of their earnings to relatives and friends in their home countries. There are several ways to transfer money overseas.

Filed Under: Banking Credit Prepaid Cards on Dec 15, 2006

California Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | California Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights (Vietnamese) .

California car buyers have important new rights beginning July 1, 2006. The Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights will change the way millions of cars are bought and sold in California.

Filed Under: Auto Lending/Insurance Credit Credit Reports/Scores Credit Scores on Dec 13, 2006

Choosing a Wireless Service Provider (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Choosing a Wireless Service Provider (Vietnamese) .

The wireless world offers broad choices among service providers, calling plans, and phones. Low-priced equipment and rates make wireless calling affordable for many individuals and families. Plus, today’s cell phone is not just for talking - it can be used to snap photos, surf the Internet, send email, play games, and more. With so much to choose from, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s best for you.

Filed Under: Telecom Wireless on Oct 03, 2006

Poor Credit means Higher Interest Rates - How to avoid bad loans (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Poor Credit means Higher Interest Rates - How to avoid bad loans (Vietnamese) .

This brochure addresses “subprime” loans offered to people with credit problems. While consumers with poor credit can find fairly priced mortgages, car loans and credit cards at higher-than-average rates, this population is easily victimized by very bad deals called predatory lending. This brochure covers illegal lending practices, warning signs of bad loans, how to avoid becoming a victim, filing a compaint and resources for advice and assistance.

Filed Under: Credit on Apr 01, 2004

Telemarketers : Do Not Call (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Telemarketers : Do Not Call (Vietnamese) Một phương cách mới ngăn chận quảng cáo không mời cũng gọi.

Are you tired of unwanted telemarketing calls? Now there is a new government tool to help stop unwanted calls. The National Do Not Call Registry is a free list you can join to limit calls to your home and cell phone for five years. “Telemarketers: Do Not Call!” explains how easy it is to put your name on the registry, what you should expect when you register and how to deal with unwanted telemarketing calls.

Filed Under: Telecom on Jul 14, 2003

Don’t Fall for the Wrong Call (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Don’t Fall for the Wrong Call (Vietnamese) Bảo vệ chính mình đừng bị lừa vì nạn gian lận bán hàng qua điện thoại.

Telemarketing fraud — using the phone to swindle and cheat — robs U.S. consumers of about $40 billion a year. Don’t fall for the wrong call, an 8-page, in-depth guide provides information on common tricks and charitable donation scams used by telemarketers, how to answer sales calls, warning signs of fraud, how to protect yourself from unwanted calls, your rights under the law and how you can sue telemarketers who do not honor your wishes not to be called. The guide also contains a listing of complaint handling agencies and other helpful resources.

Filed Under: Fraud/Scams Telecom on Feb 14, 2003

Banking Basics - You can bank on it (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Banking Basics - You can bank on it (Vietnamese) .

A brochure that provides a simple introduction to the main services offered by banks and credit unions, including checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit and debit cards. It also covers opening an account and resolving problems.

Filed Under: Banking on Oct 01, 2002

Slammed! (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Slammed! (Vietnamese) What to do when your long distance service is switched without your permission.

This brochure explains what to do if you are “slammed” – if your long distance service is switched without your permission. Slamming is prohibited by federal and state law. Includes the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) consumer protection rules to help you if you’ve been slammed.

Filed Under: Telecom on Jul 09, 2002

Giving Yourself Some Credit (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Giving Yourself Some Credit (Vietnamese) .

An illustrated fact sheet describing what credit is, how to obtain it, and how to use it. Also describes credit ratings, credit bureaus, and the importance of consumers periodically reviewing a copy of their credit report for accuracy. Explains the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Filed Under: Credit on Apr 02, 1993

Banking Basics (Vietnamese)

Library: Vietnamese | Banking Basics (Vietnamese) Những Điều Nên Biết Về Trương Mục Vãng Lai.

An illustrated fact sheet that explains how to open a checking account. Explains different kinds of accounts and their fees, check processing, automatic deposit and bill paying, and ATM/debit cards.

Filed Under: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993


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