California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Chinese)

The State of California has developed this program to provide income eligible, good drivers with access to affordable automobile liability insurance. The policies are issued by California licensed insurance companies. California state law provides that a California Low Cost Automobile Insurance policy satisfies financial responsibility laws.

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Chinese)

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California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Chinese)
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  • 被吊銷車輛牌照
  • 被吊銷駕駛執照
  • 被沒收車輛
  • 被罰款


加州政府有一個計畫方案幫助收入合格的優良駕駛 人,能獲得一年不到$556元的低價汽車保險 (只保責任險)。

這些保險是由持有加州執照的保險公司發給。 「加州低價汽車保險」符合州政府的責任險法律規定。


  • 駕駛記錄良好
  • 年齡至少16歲
  • 已連續三年持有效的駕駛執照
  • 擁有一輛價值不超過$25,000的汽車
  • 符合以下所列的收入標準

There are 2 payment plans available:

  • Full annual premium
  • Or, 20% deposit with balance to be paid 7 bi-monthly installments (for each installment payment there will be a $4 transaction fee.)


  • 受傷或死亡,每人賠 $10,000
  • 受傷或死亡,每次事故賠 $20,000
  • 財物損壞責任,每次事故賠 $3,000

* 本方案每次付款收手續費$4。每兩個月一次指每隔一個月才到付款期。.

** 有其他需要額外收費的直接利益保險項目。.

收入標準 (Rev 2019)

家中人口數 最高收入
1 人 $31,225
2 人 $42,275
3 人 $53,325
4 人 $64,375
5 人 $75,425
6 人 $86,475
7 人 $97,525
8 人 $108,575
  • Eligibility is based on the household’s gross annual income which must be 250% or less of the federal poverty level.
  • For Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (LCA) income eligibility purposes, “Household” means, all the persons who occupy a housing unit (house or apartment) and who are related by blood, marriage, registered domestic partnership, adoption, or guardianship. If more than one family is living in the same housing unit, they constitute different families for eligibility purposes even though they reside at the same address.


County Premiums (2019)

Click here to view the 2019 County Premium



Published / Reviewed Date

Reviewed: May 08, 2019

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California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Chinese)
File Name: 2019-FAQ-Chinese.pdf
File Size: 0.39MB


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