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Telemedicine: What to know about virtual doctor visits

Library: English | Telemedicine: What to know about virtual doctor visits: Coping with COVID-19

The pandemic has driven non-urgent doctor visits online to help suppress the spread of COVID-19. As more people receive medical care remotely, via a smartphone, tablet or computer, it’s important to understand when and how virtual visits might be an option, whether they’re covered under private and government-sponsored health plans, and what privacy issues they raise.

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic Insurance Internet Medical/Healthcare Privacy Rights Technology on Sep 21, 2020

Making a job or career transition

Library: English | Making a job or career transition: Coping with COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work, with many others reevaluating their job and career choices in light of how different industries are faring. This guide will help workers identify job opportunities, weigh their education and training options, make wise choices, and know where to get more information.

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic on Sep 03, 2020

Estate planning: Critical decisions for uncertain times

Library: English | Estate planning: Critical decisions for uncertain times: Coping with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the wisdom of making critical end-of-life decisions before a crisis strikes. This publication outlines the key estate planning decisions everyone should make now, explains which documents and tools help ensure that your wishes are carried out, and provides resources for learning more, getting help and taking next steps.

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic on Aug 03, 2020

Financial assistance for undocumented workers

Library: English | Financial assistance for undocumented workers: Coping with COVID-19

Millions of undocumented workers are ineligible for the federal economic aid available to U.S. citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. This publication provides tips and resources for finding state, local and private financial assistance programs that are designed specifically for undocumented immigrants or don’t ask for immigration status when determining eligibility.

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic Discrimination Money Management on Jun 04, 2020

Fair housing rights for those affected by the pandemic

Library: English | Fair housing rights for those affected by the pandemic: Coping with COVID-19

The federal Fair Housing Act protects rental housing applicants, tenants, homeowners and prospective homebuyers from various forms of discrimination. This publication explains how these same rights may protect you from discrimination related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the steps to take if you do experience discrimination.

Category: Consumer Rights COVID-19 Pandemic Discrimination Housing Discrimination Tenant Rights on Jun 02, 2020

Financial health and FinTech COVID relief

Library: English | Financial health and FinTech COVID relief
The financial health and FinTech community has mobilized to offer online resources, coaching, financial support and other relief to consumers. Category: Banking Credit COVID-19 Pandemic Credit Cards Debt Collection Discrimination Housing Internet Medical/Healthcare Micro Business Mortgages Money Management Technology on Jun 01, 2020



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