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Library: Chinese | Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2017 Tax Year) (Chinese) Low income working taxpayers may qualify for the Federal EITC. 工薪退稅優惠(EITC) 有助於低收入工作納稅人及家庭在申報聯邦所得稅時得到更多的退稅。本手冊包含2017年稅務年度的低收入者工薪退稅優惠(EITC)指標。
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low income, working taxpayers and families get more money back when they file their federal income tax forms.This publication contains EITC guidelines for the 2017 tax year. Category: Money Management Taxes on Feb 09, 2018

Library: Chinese | Tax basics for earners in the ‘sharing economy’ (Chinese) . “經濟共榮”可以讓你利用業餘時間來賺一點外快,它甚至也可能會成為你的主要收入來源。不過這兩類收入都可能對你的納稅情況造成影響。這本刊物與稅務建議無關,但可以協助你瞭解如何正確申報收入及開支、如何善加利用你應得的減稅優惠、如何避免在申報退稅時有任何意外驚訝發生,以及如何獲得更多相關資訊及協助。
The sharing economy might enable you to put a little extra cash in your pockets in your spare time, or it could be your primary source of income. Either way, earning money will have an impact on your tax situation. This publication, while not tax advice, will help you understand how to report your income and expenses accurately, why you should take advantage of all the deductions you’re entitled to, how to avoid an unpleasant surprise when you file your tax return, and where to get more information and assistance. Category: Money Management Taxes on Oct 20, 2017

Library: Chinese | Money Management 1-2-3: THREE: Planning a Secure Future (Chinese) . Money Management 1-2-3:你一生都應精明理財” ,這本系列手冊的詳述重點著重於初級,中級,和高級程度的基本理財技術方面。第三部份:規劃安定的未來,為失業預做準備,積存退休金,以及保障已儲存的積蓄。主題內容包括:提升個人投資及房產淨值,擁有足夠的保險,善加處理醫療開支,基本的遺產規劃,以及祖父母輩如需養育下一代的準備工作。The “Money Management 1-2-3: Be Smart About Money All Your Life” series focuses on basic money management skills at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Part three, Planning a Secure Future, focuses on leaving the workforce, funding your retirement and protecting what you've accumulated. Topics include tapping your investments and home equity, staying adequately insured, managing medical expenses, the basics of estate planning and, for some grandparents, raising a second family. Category: Insurance Investing Medical/Healthcare Mortgages Money Management on Nov 04, 2016

Library: Chinese | Money Management 1-2-3: TWO: Achieving Financial Goals (Chinese) . “Money Management 1-2-3:你一生都應精明理財” ,這本系列手冊的詳述重點著重於初級,中級,和高級程度的基本理財技術方面。第二部份:完成財務規劃目標,列明如何更新個人預算表,積存老本,以及保護個人資產。主題內容包括:如何處理預算及債務,申報所得稅需知,關於儲蓄和投資,以及成為屋主及購買相關保險等等。 The “Money Management 1-2-3: Be Smart About Money All Your Life” series focuses on basic money management skills at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Part two, Achieving Financial Goals, addresses updating your budget, accumulating a nest egg and protecting your assets. Topics include budgeting and debt management, saving and investing, homeownership and insurance. Category: Credit Debt Collection Housing Insurance Investing Mortgages Money Management Taxes on Aug 24, 2016

Library: Chinese | Money Management 1-2-3: ONE: Getting a Strong Start (Chinese) . "Money Management 1-2-3: 你一生都應精明理財" ,這本系列手冊的詳述重點著重於初級,中級,和高級程度的基本理財技術方面。第一部份:慎重開始,詳列如何打理個人收入,明智使用信貸,與個人財富長久共存。主題內容包括:瞭解個人薪資單內容,編列預算,開立銀行帳戶,建立良好信貸紀錄,以及妥善處理個人學生貸款。The “Money Management 1-2-3: Be Smart About Money All Your Life” series focuses on basic money management skills at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Part one, Getting a Strong Start, addresses how to manage your income, use credit wisely and live within your means. Topics include understanding your pay stub, filing your tax returns, creating a budget, setting up bank accounts, establishing and building good credit and managing student loans. Category: Banking Credit Credit Reports/Scores Money Management Student Loans Taxes on Jul 29, 2016

Library: Chinese | A consumer’s guide to choosing a prepaid card (Chinese) . 一張收費便宜,擁有理想的功能以及提供強而有力的消費者保護措施的預付卡,對於消費者來說是一個很好的選擇。這本指南將幫助你學習如何比較各種預付卡,並且選擇一張最符合你需求的預付卡。 A prepaid card that charges low fees, comes with desirable features and offers strong consumer protections can be a good choice for many consumers. This publication will help you learn how to compare your options and choose the best prepaid card for your needs. Category: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on Mar 22, 2016

Library: Chinese | The right overdraft protection plan (Chinese) A wise choice. 讓支票帳戶透支可能會是一個非常昂貴的錯誤。這本小冊子闡述了你的支票帳戶透支的後果,“善意”透支的昂貴費用,現有比較好的透支保護計劃以及如何避免透支的技巧。Spending more money than is in your checking account can be a costly mistake. This fact sheet presents the consequences of overdrawing your account, the high cost of “courtesy” overdraft coverage, the better overdraft protection plans that exist and tips for avoiding overdrafts altogether. Category: Banking Money Management on Dec 08, 2015

Library: Chinese | An Employee’s Guide to Payroll Cards (Chinese) . 這本4頁長的工資卡使用指南是專為各公司員工編寫,協助大家決定最合適個人的選項,同時可以瞭解工資卡的使用功能、如何避免額外費用,以及相關用卡權益。
This four-page guide is designed to help employees who work for companies that offer a payroll card to determine whether that is their best option, understand how the cards work and how to avoid fees, and know their rights. Category: Banking Credit Consumer Rights Money Management Prepaid Cards on Jul 17, 2014

Library: Chinese | Checking and savings accounts (Chinese) A wise choice. 本文不但詳述支票及儲蓄帳戶各項細節,也重點提及關於銀行的“附加”優惠服務,如客戶在本行兌現支票之類。本刊物所涵蓋包括的其它各類主題尚有:支票及儲蓄戶口運作方式、選擇合適的金融機構及開立帳戶,以及如何減少或避免開戶服務費等等。
This fact sheet presents the basics of checking and savings accounts, highlighting the advantages they offer over “fringe” banking services such as check cashers. The publication covers, among other topics, how checking and savings accounts work, how to choose a financial institution and open an account, and how to reduce or avoid account fees. Category: Banking Money Management on Feb 27, 2014

Library: Chinese | Teens & Money - Talking to teens about money (Chinese) . 這本21頁的手冊原先是為家長設計的﹐但對於較大年齡的青少年也很有用處。主題包括多方面﹕工作﹑預算﹑衡量購物究竟是"需要"或"想要"﹑銀行事務﹑支票﹑儲蓄﹑信用卡﹑信用報告﹑駕駛及手機等等。這本手冊對於每週開支評估﹑工資支票存根﹑如何以比價購物來省錢以及如何寫支票等均有舉例說明。手冊也包括一系列可供家長及青少年尋求協助的網站。
This 21-page booklet is designed primarily for parents but may also be useful for older teens. It covers many topics, including working, budgeting, figuring out if a purchase is a "need" or a "want," banking, writing checks, savings, credit cards, credit reports, driving and cell phones. The booklet contains illustrations and examples of a weekly spending evaluation, a paycheck stub, how comparison shopping can save money and how to write a check. It also contains a list of helpful web sites for parents and kids. Category: Money Management on Oct 22, 2012

Library: Chinese | Prepaid Cards (Chinese) An alternative to credit and debit cards. 你可以學習到這種能夠重新加值的預付卡與其它“塑料”信貸卡的相異之處、如何配合個人所需選用最合適的預付卡,以及如何減少卡費支出及精明善用預付卡帳戶。Learn how reloadable prepaid cards are different from other forms of “plastic,” how to select the best prepaid card for your needs, how to reduce card costs and how to manage your card account wisely. Category: Banking Money Management Prepaid Cards on Jul 30, 2012

Library: Chinese | Your Digital Dollars - Banking Online Safely (Chinese) Protect your identity and accounts while banking by computer. 以前消費者如果想付帳單、存入支票、或是處理任何金融轉帳事務,都需要去一趟銀行或郵局。但是當今的科技文明卻讓客戶不必出門就能在家中或辦公室處理銀行事務或支付帳單。 Paying a bill, depositing a check or conducting any other financial transaction used to require a trip to the bank or post office. Now technology makes it possible to bank and pay bills without leaving your home or office. Category: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management Privacy Rights on Jul 17, 2012

Library: Chinese | Manage Your Money Wisely - Tracking your money (Chinese) . 了解自己目前的消費是做預算的第一步。預算就是一個能幫助預測和控制您消費的計劃。要做一個預算,您需要知道自己一個月的花銷是多少,然後用這個數字和您的薪水作比較。
Knowing what you spend now is the first step in creating a budget. A budget is a spending plan to help you forecast and control your expenses. To create a budget you need to know how much you spend each month - and compare that figure to your take home pay. Category: Money Management on Sep 29, 2010

Library: Chinese | Staying on Track With Credit (Chinese) How to use credit wisely. 對那些瞭解信貸的使用代價跟優點,以及懂得如何明智地使用信貸的消費者來說,信貸可以成為一種有用的財務工具。這本手冊解釋了「無限次」,又稱為循還式信貸,包括信用卡,房屋淨值信貸(HELOC: Home Equity Line of Credit)和支票透支信用額(Overdraft Lines of Credit),同時還討論使用信貸的好處及壞處。該手冊還包括如何避免使用高收費信貸的技巧。
Credit can be a valuable financial tool for consumers who understand its costs and benefits and how to use it wisely. This brochure defines open-ended, or revolving, credit, including credit cards, home equity lines of credit and overdraft lines of credit, and discusses the pros and cons of using credit. It includes tips on high-cost credit to avoid. Category: Credit Credit Reports/Scores Credit Scores Money Management on Jul 09, 2009

Library: Chinese | Saving to Build Wealth - Make money work for you (Chinese) . 本手冊提供的重要資料是關於:儲蓄、設定短期及長期儲蓄增長目標、開立儲蓄戶口及各種快速增加本金方法、定期存款(CDs)、美國政府債券、子女大學儲備金戶口等等。
This brochure provides information about the importance of saving, setting short- and long-term goals to promote saving, opening a savings account and ways to make your money grow faster, including certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), U.S. Savings Bonds and college savings accounts. Category: Banking Investing Money Management on Sep 28, 2004

Library: Chinese | Collection Agency (Chinese) 消費者債務系列. 本文將說明消費者在與追債公司打交道時的權利。詳解何為不法的追債脅迫,回答你是否不還債就得坐牢之類的問題,並提供被追債公司恐嚇時的應付之道。
A fact sheet that explains what your rights are when dealing with a collection agency. It describes collection abuse, and answers such questions as whether you can be jailed for not paying a debt and what to do if you are being harassed by a collection agency. Category: Money Management on Apr 01, 1996

Library: Chinese | Surviving and Controlling Debt (Chinese) Know What You Want. 本文內容詳細探討處理債務的重要性以免日後成為一大麻煩。並說明負債的種種危險訊號以及如何減輕債務。同時針對追債公司﹑債務諮商及破產等亦有解說。
An illustrated fact sheet that discusses the importance of managing debt so that it does not become a problem. Explains debt danger signals and how to reduce debt. Also explains collection agencies, debt counseling, and bankruptcy. Category: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993

Library: Chinese | Banking Basics (Chinese) Checking Account Check List. 本文內容詳述如何開立支票戶口。解說各種不同戶口及其收費﹑支票使用流程﹑自動存款和轉帳﹐以及銀行自動櫃員機(ATM) 提款卡/轉帳卡等等。

An illustrated fact sheet that explains how to open a checking account. Explains different kinds of accounts and their fees, check processing, automatic deposit and bill paying, and ATM/debit cards. Category: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993

Library: Chinese | Budgeting and Planning (Chinese) Building a Better Future. 本文內容詳述如何以預算及計劃控制財務困難。解說一項預算的各種功能﹑如何做現金流向分析﹐以及如何製作有用的預算。同時也詳述如何密切配合預算使其發生作用。
An illustrated fact sheet explaining how to control financial problems by budgeting and planning. Explains the functions of a budget, how to do a cash flow analysis, and how to create a workable budget. Also describes how to stick to a budget and make it work. Category: Banking Money Management on Apr 02, 1993


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