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Library: Chinese | What you need to know about how FinTech apps work (Chinese) 謹慎共享你的財務數據.


Financial technology can offer attractive benefits for consumers who want to take their personal finances digital. But, like all internet-based tools and services, FinTech apps need to be chosen and used with care. This publication explains the types of FinTech tools available, how they work, and what that means for your data privacy and security. (Our companion guide, Privacy and security when using fintech apps, offers actionable tips for managing and protecting your data.) Category: FinTech Internet Money Management Privacy Rights Technology on May 14, 2021

Library: Chinese | Privacy and security when using FinTech apps (Chinese) 謹慎共享財務數據.


This fact sheet gives FinTech users the knowledge to make wise decisions when choosing and using FinTech apps, take effective steps to keep their financial account data safe, and understand their options if something goes wrong. (Our companion guide, What you need to know about how FinTech apps work, offers an overview of financial technology and what privacy and security considerations users should be aware of before choosing and using digital financial tools.) Category: FinTech Internet Money Management Privacy Rights Technology on May 14, 2021

Library: Chinese | Telemedicine: What to know about virtual doctor visits (Chinese) 應對 COVID-19(新冠肺炎).


The pandemic has driven non-urgent doctor visits online to help suppress the spread of COVID-19. As more people receive medical care remotely, via a smartphone, tablet or computer, it's important to understand when and how virtual visits might be an option, whether they're covered under private and government-sponsored health plans, and what privacy issues they raise. Category: COVID-19 Pandemic Insurance Internet Medical/Healthcare Privacy Rights Technology on Dec 21, 2020

Library: Chinese | Personalized privacy: Customizing your Facebook settings (Chinese) .


On the world’s largest social network, a prudent approach to privacy is critical. This publication provides detailed instructions for using the various Facebook privacy management tools—both basic and advanced. Category: Internet Privacy Rights on Oct 30, 2020

Library: Chinese | Watch out! Online video and your privacy (Chinese) .


While consumers now have many more options for how, where and when they watch video, they also face new risks to their personal privacy. This publication makes viewers aware of the privacy issues raised by video streaming and video sharing technology as well as what they can do to protect themselves.

Category: Internet Privacy Rights on Oct 05, 2016

Library: Chinese | What’s not to ‘Like’? (Chinese) Protecting your privacy on social media .


Online sharing is a hugely popular pastime. This publication presents the potential risks of oversharing on social media and provides specific tips and tools for participating in social networks while also protecting your privacy and staying safe online.

Category: Internet Privacy Rights on Sep 14, 2016

Library: Chinese | Put a Lock on It - Protecting your online privacy (Chinese) .


This fact sheet gives Internet users the knowledge to keep themselves and their families safe while taking advantage of the many benefits of being online. Topics include securing your online accounts and mobile apps, shopping and banking safely on a computer or mobile device, preserving your privacy while using social media, and avoiding unwelcome content and communications.

Category: Internet Privacy Rights Technology on Jan 29, 2016

Library: Chinese | Health Records Privacy in California (Chinese) 當醫療記錄數據化以後,你應確保個人隱私權.

本文內容對於個人電子醫療記錄及醫療隱私方面有詳細介绍。如需查詢相關資訊,可參閱Health Records Privacy in California (加州個人健康記錄隱私權)指南,它會進一步探討各種熱門問題,並以問答格式提供額外資料。

This fact sheet provides an introduction to electronic health records and your health information privacy rights. To learn more, refer to the companion resource, Health Records Privacy in California: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which provides additional information in a Q&A format.

Category: Medical/Healthcare Privacy Rights on Nov 12, 2013

Library: Chinese | Internet Service (Chinese) Learn how to get results.

互聯網已經徹底改變了大家在工作、社交以及購物等方面的傳統生活方式,我們現在足不出戶就可以 辦妥諸事。但這並不是說使用互聯網就萬無一失或全部免費。本文詳述各種可供你選用的互聯網和電 郵服務。同時也解說使用互聯網時的相對風險,並包括你應如何保護個人、家庭、隱私權以及電腦資 料等要訣。

The Internet has changed the way we work, socialize and shop—we can now do all those things without ever leaving home. But that doesn’t mean the Internet is always safe, or that it’s always free. This fact sheet explains your options for Internet and email service. It also explains some risks of using the Internet and provides tips for protecting yourself, your family, and your personal information and computer data.

Category: Internet Privacy Rights on Nov 29, 2011

Library: Chinese | ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (Chinese) .


An identity thief is an imposter who assumes another person’s identity in order to profit illegally or because the thief wants to hide behind a new identity. Identity theft—or ID theft—occurs when the imposter uses your personal information to commit fraud or other crimes. This publication can help you take steps to prevent ID theft, or if you are a victim, to clear up the problems created by ID theft and to lessen its impact on your life.

Category: Fraud/Scams ID Theft Privacy Rights on Sep 10, 2010

Library: Chinese | Internet Safety (Chinese) A computer user’s guide to privacy and security.

這本社區教育手冊提供消費者有關在使用互聯網或電郵時, 應該如何保護個人以及電腦隱私權之各項要訣。

This publication outlines ways that you can protect yourself and your computer when you use the Internet and email.

Category: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights on Jan 12, 2010

Library: Chinese | Workplace Privacy (Chinese) Your rights on the job.


To protect your personal privacy and your job, you should know when and how employers can monitor and gather information about you. This publication explains some of the situations in which monitoring might occur in the workplace and explains your privacy rights as an employee.

Category: Privacy Rights on May 21, 2009

Library: Chinese | Leave me alone (Chinese) (2008) Your privacy online—and offline.


Leave Me Alone! Your Privacy Online - and Offline explains the concept of personal privacy and why it is important to be careful about who has access to your personal information. Topics covered include privacy in cyberspace, cutting down on unwanted junk mail and spam e-mail from marketers and ‘top ten’ ways to protect your privacy on and off the Internet.

Category: Privacy Rights on Nov 03, 2008

Library: Chinese | Protect Your Phone Records (Chinese) .

有人可能未經過你的同意就試圖使用你的電話記錄以作為非法或陷害他人的用途. 因為它是個人資料的重要來源。這本手冊有助於你瞭解誰會想得到你的電話記錄,他們如 何試圖得到你的個人資料,以及你要怎樣才能減低成為受害者的可能性。

Phone records are an important source of private information that someone might try to access without your consent for illegal or harmful purposes. This publication can help you understand who would want to access your phone records, why they might want to do it, how they try to access your private information and what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. A companion Leader’s Guide is available.

Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights Telecom Wireless on Jun 28, 2007

Library: Chinese | Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (Chinese) It's Your Good Name!.


A factsheet explaining what identity theft is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights on Dec 09, 2002

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