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Library: Chinese | Freeze Your Credit File (Chinese) Leave ID Thieves Out in the Cold. “安全凍結”信用檔案是一種預防及避免身份被盜用的工具﹐它可以阻止詐騙者利用你的個人資料來建立信貸記錄。這本手冊內容詳述如何“凍結”個人信用檔案,而且除非你暫時或永久取消凍結﹐它就可以防止別人以你的名義申請信貸。
A credit file "security freeze" is a preventive tool to help you avoid identity theft and to block impostors from using your personal information to establish credit. This publication explains how to "freeze" your credit file, which prevents new credit from being established in your name until you temporarily or permanently lift the freeze. Category: Credit Credit Reports Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights on Oct 10, 2017

Library: Chinese | Your Digital Dollars - Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions (Chinese) . 當今人們的生活日漸繁忙,不論是購物、理財、工作或社交,都需依賴電腦或行動通訊器材,因此造成個人資料曝光的機會大增。As more daily tasks, from shopping and banking to working and socializing, get done on a computer or mobile device, the opportunities to expose personal data increase. Category: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights Telecom/TV Wireless on Aug 20, 2012

Library: Chinese | Your Digital Dollars - Banking Online Safely (Chinese) Protect your identity and accounts while banking by computer. 以前消費者如果想付帳單、存入支票、或是處理任何金融轉帳事務,都需要去一趟銀行或郵局。但是當今的科技文明卻讓客戶不必出門就能在家中或辦公室處理銀行事務或支付帳單。 Paying a bill, depositing a check or conducting any other financial transaction used to require a trip to the bank or post office. Now technology makes it possible to bank and pay bills without leaving your home or office. Category: Banking Fraud/Scams Internet Money Management Privacy Rights on Jul 17, 2012

Library: Chinese | Telemarketing Calls (Chinese) Learn how to get results. 電話推銷令人厭煩,尤其是它會干擾到你的睡眠、用餐或是正在和親朋相聚的時刻。本文將詳述各項由立法部門和消費者保護機構所訂立的規定,以減少消費者接聽無謂的電話推銷干擾。本文也詳述各項如何預防詐騙要訣,以及在必要時如何投訴。
Telemarketing calls can be a nuisance, particularly when they interrupt your sleep, dinner, or time with family or friends. This fact sheet explains the rules that legislators and consumer protection agencies have created to make telemarketing calls less annoying and help reduce the number of unwanted sales calls you receive. It also provides tips for protecting yourself from fraud and for filing a complaint, if necessary. Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom/TV on Nov 30, 2011

Library: Chinese | Senior Scams - Just say no! (Chinese) . 每個人都應該對詐騙提高警覺﹐但是老年人有時候特別容易上當受騙。手冊列明許多騙局的偽裝手法﹑特別提醒老年人易被針對的詐騙。也包括“騙局跡象” 及各種避免受騙的要訣。
Everyone must be on guard against scams, but seniors can sometimes be more vulnerable to fraud. This brochure outlines the many guises of fraud, with special attention to scams that target seniors. Signs of fraud and tips for avoiding scams are included. Category: Fraud/Scams ID Theft on Sep 28, 2010

Library: Chinese | ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (Chinese) . 所謂身份盜用犯就是一個騙子冒充別人的身份來非法牟利或是因為想要以新身份來掩飾自己。身份盜用犯﹐又稱為ID盜用犯﹐其之所以會產生就是騙子使用了你的個人資料來行騙或犯罪。此手冊能協助你採取行動預防身份被盜用﹐或是如果你已是受害者﹐如何清理身份盜用犯惹出來的麻煩以及減少它對你生活的衝擊。
An identity thief is an imposter who assumes another person’s identity in order to profit illegally or because the thief wants to hide behind a new identity. Identity theft—or ID theft—occurs when the imposter uses your personal information to commit fraud or other crimes. This publication can help you take steps to prevent ID theft, or if you are a victim, to clear up the problems created by ID theft and to lessen its impact on your life. Category: Fraud/Scams ID Theft Privacy Rights on Sep 10, 2010

Library: Chinese | Fraud Bingo Game (Chinese) . 消費者行動的預防受騙賓果遊戲是一個很有趣的培訓活動。
Consumer Action's Fraud Bingo is a fun activity you can use in your trainings. Category: Fraud/Scams ID Theft on Mar 09, 2010

Library: Chinese | Internet Safety (Chinese) A computer user’s guide to privacy and security. 這本社區教育手冊提供消費者有關在使用互聯網或電郵時, 應該如何保護個人以及電腦隱私權之各項要訣。
This publication outlines ways that you can protect yourself and your computer when you use the Internet and email. Category: Fraud/Scams Internet Privacy Rights on Jan 12, 2010

Library: Chinese | Recognizing Credit Card Fraud (Chinese) . 當消費者將信用卡號碼給了不熟識的人、信用卡遺失或遭竊、郵件被偷或被罪犯利用、公司職員複印他人信用卡或卡號,信用卡詐騙案就發生了。這本消費者行動最新發行的手冊提醒大家認明及避免形形色色有關信用卡之詐騙,例如:仿製信用卡、假冒騙取信用卡、身份盜用、偽造信用卡等等。
Credit card fraud happens when consumers give their credit card number to unfamiliar individuals, when cards are lost or stolen, when mail is diverted from the intended recipient and taken by criminals, or when employees of a business copy the card or card numbers of a cardholder. This new Consumer Action publication explains how to recognize and avoid many forms of fraud that involve credit cards, such as skimming, phishing, ID theft and counterfeit cards. Category: Credit Cards Fraud/Scams on Jul 08, 2009

Library: Chinese | Protect Your Phone Records (Chinese) . 有人可能未經過你的同意就試圖使用你的電話記錄以作為非法或陷害他人的用途. 因為它是個人資料的重要來源。這本手冊有助於你瞭解誰會想得到你的電話記錄,他們如 何試圖得到你的個人資料,以及你要怎樣才能減低成為受害者的可能性。
Phone records are an important source of private information that someone might try to access without your consent for illegal or harmful purposes. This publication can help you understand who would want to access your phone records, why they might want to do it, how they try to access your private information and what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. A companion Leader's Guide is available. Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights Telecom/TV Wireless on Jun 28, 2007

Library: Chinese | Don’t Fall for the Wrong Call (Chinese) Protect yourself against telemarketing fraud. 電話推銷詐騙 ﹣利用電話行騙 ﹣美國消費者一年被詐騙的金額高達四百億。 大家萬勿陷入此纇電話騙局,本手冊長達八頁,針對一般利用電話行騙的手法或電話詐騙慈善捐款、如何接聽推銷電話、騙局預警、個人如何防範電話推銷、個人法律保障以及電話推銷員觸犯個人“謝絕來電“權益等提供深入的指引。手冊內容並包括投訴機構及相關協助資源。
Telemarketing fraud — using the phone to swindle and cheat — robs U.S. consumers of about $40 billion a year. Don't fall for the wrong call, an 8-page, in-depth guide provides information on common tricks and charitable donation scams used by telemarketers, how to answer sales calls, warning signs of fraud, how to protect yourself from unwanted calls, your rights under the law and how you can sue telemarketers who do not honor your wishes not to be called. The guide also contains a listing of complaint handling agencies and other helpful resources. Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom/TV on Feb 14, 2003

Library: Chinese | Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (Chinese) It's Your Good Name!. 本文說明何謂身份竊盜、如何防範以及身份盜用受害者如何採取法律措施。
A factsheet explaining what identity theft is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights on Dec 09, 2002

Library: Chinese | Phone Fraud (Chinese) We All Pay. 本文內容說明何謂電話詐騙以及個人如何成為受害者。並且提供個人自保之道以及如何投訴電話詐騙事件。
An illustrated fact sheet that describes what phone fraud is and how you can become a victim. Explains how to protect yourself and how to complain about phone fraud. Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom/TV on Apr 01, 1997

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