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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

Library: Chinese | Smartphone warranties: Understanding and exercising your rights (Chinese) . A smartphone can be a big investment, so it's important to know you'll be protected if you get a device with some sort of defect. This guide explains how smartphone warranties work, why extended warranties and insurance aren't always a good idea, your warranty rights under the law, how to file a claim, and what to do if you're dissatisfied with how your claim is handled. Category: Consumer Rights Telecom on Oct 11, 2022

Library: Chinese | Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (Chinese) 這是為低收入家庭所提供的電話和互聯網折扣優惠計劃.


Broadband (high-speed) internet service is essential for conducting the necessary tasks of daily life, including learning and doing homework, telecommuting, looking for a job, banking, and accessing remote health services. This guide introduces the two federal programs that offer discounts on home broadband and wireless data service for qualifying low- and moderate-income households. Category: Internet Telecom Wireless on Aug 26, 2021

Library: Chinese | Resources for consumers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak (Chinese) .


In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Consumer Action created this guide to inform consumers about public and private resources as they became available to help deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Category: Banking COVID-19 Pandemic Fraud/Scams Insurance Medical/Healthcare Mortgages Student Loans Taxes Telecom Tenant Rights on Jun 11, 2020

Library: Chinese | IP Transition: Making the Switch (Chinese) The next communication evolution.

本文對於網絡電話通訊轉換(IP Transition)有詳盡的解釋,包括電話服務正從傳統的(銅製地下電線)改變成使用網絡通訊,以及這種新的聯繫方式對消費者的各項優點。手冊中同時清楚列明消費者的通訊服務選擇,以及客戶將如果順利轉換並加入這種最新的通訊服務。

This fact sheet explains what Internet-based (IP) telephone service is, why the transition away from traditional (copper-based landline) phone service is happening and what advantages this type of connection offers for consumers. The brochure also explains consumers’ service options and how they can make a smooth transition.

Category: Telecom on Jan 30, 2015

Library: Chinese | Connect to California LifeLine and Save! (Chinese) (2023) 普濟電話費折扣服務有助於你與家人保持聯繫.

加州普濟電話 LifeLine 為符合條件的低收入家庭提供基本之住宅有線(家庭電話)或行動電話,以及寬頻互聯網服務折扣優惠。符合加州普濟電話 LifeLine 條件的消費者只需支付常規電話連接或啟動服務費,以及每月通訊服務之一小部份費用。這本手冊詳述了普濟電話服務的各項功能和優惠,以及如何申請此項計劃,還有用戶若想繼續參與計劃之必備條件。

California LifeLine provides discounts on basic residential wireline (home phone) or wireless telephone or broadband internet service to eligible low-income households. Consumers who qualify for California LifeLine pay a fraction of the regular cost for telephone connection or activation and monthly service. This brochure explains the features and benefits of Lifeline phone service, how to apply for the program and what you must do to continue participation. Category: Internet Telecom on Sep 05, 2013

Library: Chinese | Roaming the World with Your Phone (Chinese) .


Being connected can make an international vacation more enjoyable, and an overseas business trip more productive. Planning ahead will enable travelers to save money on calls and messaging as well as keep their international data charges predictable.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Jan 27, 2012

Library: Chinese | Television Service (Chinese) Learn how to get results.

多數美國家庭是以電視做為他們在安全、緊急資訊,娛樂以及教育方面的主要訊息資源。如今的電視有數百個播映頻道可以選擇,而且許多商家可利用它來做生意促銷, 電視的功能已不再像以前那樣單純。本文將詳述消費者的電視服務選擇以及如何為你和家人做出正確選擇。

Television is a key source of safety and emergency information, entertainment, and education for U.S. households. With hundreds of channels to choose from and many service providers vying for business, TV is not as simple as it once was. This fact sheet will explain your options and help you make the right choices for you and your family.

Category: Telecom on Nov 30, 2011

Library: Chinese | Telemarketing Calls (Chinese) Learn how to get results.


Telemarketing calls can be a nuisance, particularly when they interrupt your sleep, dinner, or time with family or friends. This fact sheet explains the rules that legislators and consumer protection agencies have created to make telemarketing calls less annoying and help reduce the number of unwanted sales calls you receive. It also provides tips for protecting yourself from fraud and for filing a complaint, if necessary.

Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom on Nov 30, 2011

Library: Chinese | Wireless Phone Service (Chinese) Learn how to get results.


Whether you see your cell phone as a convenience or a necessity, you want service that will meet your needs at the best price. This fact sheet explains your options for wireless service. It also provides tips for managing your wireless costs, protecting yourself against fraud and theft, and handling billing or service issues.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Nov 30, 2011

Library: Chinese | Choosing and Using Mobile Devices (Chinese) .


This WirelessED publication explains how to select a smartphone or other data-ready wireless device and service plan, monitor and manage your usage, and get the best value for your budget and your needs.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Oct 07, 2011

Library: Chinese | Using Mobile Data Wisely (Chinese) .


Being connected has many benefits, but it’s important to know your needs and manage your usage to avoid unanticipated charges. Learn about mobile data, networks, devices and service plans.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Jun 02, 2011

Library: Chinese | You Make the Call (Chinese) Selecting the right Phone Services for You.


There are a variety of phones, communications methods, calling plans and carriers. This publication is designed to help you choose the equipment and services that best meet your needs.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Dec 03, 2007

Library: Chinese | Protect Your Phone Records (Chinese) .

有人可能未經過你的同意就試圖使用你的電話記錄以作為非法或陷害他人的用途. 因為它是個人資料的重要來源。這本手冊有助於你瞭解誰會想得到你的電話記錄,他們如 何試圖得到你的個人資料,以及你要怎樣才能減低成為受害者的可能性。

Phone records are an important source of private information that someone might try to access without your consent for illegal or harmful purposes. This publication can help you understand who would want to access your phone records, why they might want to do it, how they try to access your private information and what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. A companion Leader’s Guide is available.

Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights Telecom Wireless on Jun 28, 2007

Library: Chinese | Choosing a Wireless Service Provider (Chinese) .

無線通訊公司提供各樣的服務項目、通話計劃及各種手提電話。無線通訊廉價的設備及費使得許多個人及家庭都可以負擔得起。再加上當今的手機不僅可以用來通話, 還可以照相、瀏覽網頁、發電郵、玩電子遊戲等等。有這麼多的選擇, 你得小心謹慎地找出最適合自己的一款。

The wireless world offers broad choices among service providers, calling plans, and phones. Low-priced equipment and rates make wireless calling affordable for many individuals and families. Plus, today’s cell phone is not just for talking - it can be used to snap photos, surf the Internet, send email, play games, and more. With so much to choose from, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s best for you.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Jun 12, 2006

Library: Chinese | Telemarketers : Do Not Call (Chinese) A new way to limit unwanted sales calls.


Are you tired of unwanted telemarketing calls? Now there is a new government tool to help stop unwanted calls. The National Do Not Call Registry is a free list you can join to limit calls to your home and cell phone for five years. “Telemarketers: Do Not Call!” explains how easy it is to put your name on the registry, what you should expect when you register and how to deal with unwanted telemarketing calls.

Category: Telecom on Jul 14, 2003

Library: Chinese | Don’t Fall for the Wrong Call (Chinese) Protect yourself against telemarketing fraud.

電話推銷詐騙 ﹣利用電話行騙 ﹣美國消費者一年被詐騙的金額高達四百億。 大家萬勿陷入此纇電話騙局,本手冊長達八頁,針對一般利用電話行騙的手法或電話詐騙慈善捐款、如何接聽推銷電話、騙局預警、個人如何防範電話推銷、個人法律保障以及電話推銷員觸犯個人“謝絕來電“權益等提供深入的指引。手冊內容並包括投訴機構及相關協助資源。

Telemarketing fraud — using the phone to swindle and cheat — robs U.S. consumers of about $40 billion a year. Don’t fall for the wrong call, an 8-page, in-depth guide provides information on common tricks and charitable donation scams used by telemarketers, how to answer sales calls, warning signs of fraud, how to protect yourself from unwanted calls, your rights under the law and how you can sue telemarketers who do not honor your wishes not to be called. The guide also contains a listing of complaint handling agencies and other helpful resources.

Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom on Feb 14, 2003

Library: Chinese | Phone Fraud (Chinese) We All Pay.


An illustrated fact sheet that describes what phone fraud is and how you can become a victim. Explains how to protect yourself and how to complain about phone fraud.

Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom on Apr 01, 1997

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