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All Consumer Action publications are available online, with most also available as a PDF download. Government agencies, nonprofits and other community-based organizations who wish to distribute our publications for educational purposes can use the PDF file to instantly produce a professional-looking brochure using an office printer.

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Credit Repair Scams

Library: English | Credit Repair Scams They Make Your Money Disappear.

An illustrated fact sheet that describes what a credit report is and how to find out what is in your credit report. Explains how to correct inaccurate information in your report and advises caution with credit repair companies and guaranteed credit claims.

Category: Credit Credit Reports/Scores Fraud/Scams on Dec 27, 2000

Questions and Answers About Home Equity Loan Fraud

Library: English | Questions and Answers About Home Equity Loan Fraud CBO leader's guide to accompany 'Don't Lose Your Home: How to Avoid Home Equity Loan Fraud' fact sheet.

A manual for community and consumer advocates working to educate senior, low income and minority home owners about the dangers of home equity loan fraud. Topics covered include home improvements, hiring a contractor, warning signs of fraud and the possibility of losing your home through a home equity loan.

Category: Foreclosure Fraud/Scams Housing Home Financing Home Repair Mortgages on Oct 01, 2000

You Can Do It

Library: English | You Can Do It Managing Debt, Building Wealth.

A fact sheet explaining how to get out of debt, plan for your financial future, and save money. Includes a step-by-step guide to money management. Credit can be a useful tool for managing your finances and even building wealth. But, mismanaging credit can derail your long-term plans and lead to financial difficulties.

Category: Money Management on Apr 02, 2000

You Can Do It

Library: English | You Can Do It Managing Debt, Building Wealth - Leader's Guide.

CBO leader’s guide to accompany ‘You Can Do It: Managing Debt, Building Wealth’ fact sheet

A guide for CBO staff and other community leaders to help clients learn how to better manage their money. Topics include budgeting, bankruptcy, warning signs of too much debt and how to increase your bottom line.

Category: Money Management on Apr 02, 2000

Checking Accounts (2000)

Library: English | Checking Accounts (2000) The better, safer way to handle your money.

A fact sheet explaining the basics of checking accounts. Describes what to look for in a checking account and a checking account check list, as well information about electronic transfer accounts (ETAs), ATM cards and how to open a checking account

Category: Banking Money Management on Apr 01, 2000

Successful Saving and Investing (2000)

Library: English | Successful Saving and Investing (2000).

A fact sheet explaining the differences between various types of savings accounts, how to open a savings account and what the basics of investing are.

Category: Banking Investing Money Management on Apr 01, 2000

Checking Your Phone Bill

Library: English | Checking Your Phone Bill.

A brochure describing how to check your monthly phone bill in order to save money and prevent telephone fraud. This publication includes a list explaining the different charges you will probably find on your bill, information about your rights as a telephone customer, and what to do if you have a complaint about your service.

Category: Telecom on Apr 01, 2000

Miracle Cures Can Make You Sick!

Library: English | Miracle Cures Can Make You Sick!.

A fact sheet that explains how to avoid unproven remedies, untested medical products, unlicensed practitioners, and unfounded health claims.

Category: Fraud/Scams on Apr 01, 1999

You Can Help Fight Phone Fraud

Library: English | You Can Help Fight Phone Fraud.

A 16-page guide to help consumers avoid and detect phone fraud, including slamming, cramming, toll fraud, calling card fraud, identity theft and wireless (cell) phone fraud. Lists resources for information as well as reporting phone fraud.

Category: Fraud/Scams Telecom on Apr 01, 1999

Your new electric choices

Library: English | Your new electric choices Shopping for Electricity in California.

Since early 1998, most Californians can choose the company they buy electricity from. This fact sheet contains information about competitive electric service providers and contains tips on how to choose a provider, reasons for switching, and changes in your electric bill.

Category: Money Management on Apr 01, 1999


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