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Monday, October 28, 2019

Chinese Headlines | 太平洋煤電預測 周二或再停電


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Chinese Headlines | 想申請貸款?這3種用途不值得


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Chinese Headlines | 北加州金凯德大火24小时扩一倍 州长宣布紧急状态


Friday, October 25, 2019

Chinese Headlines | 引擎電腦短路+零件瑕疵 速霸陸召回在美2款逾46萬輛車

Chinese Headlines | 遞送鮮花美酒當幌子 麻州夫婦受騙損失4000元

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Workplace Privacy (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Workplace Privacy (Chinese) Your rights on the job.


To protect your personal privacy and your job, you should know when and how employers can monitor and gather information about you. This publication explains some of the situations in which monitoring might occur in the workplace and explains your privacy rights as an employee.

Category: Privacy Rights on May 21, 2009

Saving Your Home from Foreclosure (2009) (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Saving Your Home from Foreclosure (2009) (Chinese) .


Foreclosure is the legal process that your mortgage lender uses to take your home when you fall behind on your mortgage payments. If you are faced with foreclosure, you can work to save your home—or at least limit the financial damage caused by foreclosure—if you understand your options and take the appropriate steps.

Category: Foreclosure Housing Home Financing Mortgages on Mar 26, 2009

Leave me alone (Chinese) (2008)

Library: Chinese | Leave me alone (Chinese) (2008) Your privacy online—and offline.


Leave Me Alone! Your Privacy Online - and Offline explains the concept of personal privacy and why it is important to be careful about who has access to your personal information. Topics covered include privacy in cyberspace, cutting down on unwanted junk mail and spam e-mail from marketers and ‘top ten’ ways to protect your privacy on and off the Internet.

Category: Privacy Rights on Nov 03, 2008

Understanding Your Credit Score (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Understanding Your Credit Score (Chinese) .


Your credit score is a “snapshot” of your credit history that is used by lenders, insurers and others to assess your creditworthiness and the likelihood that you will pay your bills and repay outstanding loans. This publication explains how to learn your score, how to interpret it and how to maintain or improve it.

Category: Credit Credit Reports/Scores on Feb 26, 2008

You Make the Call (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | You Make the Call (Chinese) Selecting the right Phone Services for You.


There are a variety of phones, communications methods, calling plans and carriers. This publication is designed to help you choose the equipment and services that best meet your needs.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Dec 03, 2007

Protect Your Phone Records (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Protect Your Phone Records (Chinese) .

有人可能未經過你的同意就試圖使用你的電話記錄以作為非法或陷害他人的用途. 因為它是個人資料的重要來源。這本手冊有助於你瞭解誰會想得到你的電話記錄,他們如 何試圖得到你的個人資料,以及你要怎樣才能減低成為受害者的可能性。

Phone records are an important source of private information that someone might try to access without your consent for illegal or harmful purposes. This publication can help you understand who would want to access your phone records, why they might want to do it, how they try to access your private information and what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. A companion Leader’s Guide is available.

Category: Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights Telecom Wireless on Jun 28, 2007

California Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | California Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights (Chinese) .

由2006年7月1日開始, 有一項重大的新聞是與加州購車者有關的。這項購車者權利法案將改變加州成千上萬的汽車買賣方式。

California car buyers have important new rights beginning July 1, 2006. The Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights will change the way millions of cars are bought and sold in California.

Category: Auto Lending/Insurance Credit Credit Reports/Scores Credit Scores on Jun 16, 2006

Choosing a Wireless Service Provider (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Choosing a Wireless Service Provider (Chinese) .

無線通訊公司提供各樣的服務項目、通話計劃及各種手提電話。無線通訊廉價的設備及費使得許多個人及家庭都可以負擔得起。再加上當今的手機不僅可以用來通話, 還可以照相、瀏覽網頁、發電郵、玩電子遊戲等等。有這麼多的選擇, 你得小心謹慎地找出最適合自己的一款。

The wireless world offers broad choices among service providers, calling plans, and phones. Low-priced equipment and rates make wireless calling affordable for many individuals and families. Plus, today’s cell phone is not just for talking - it can be used to snap photos, surf the Internet, send email, play games, and more. With so much to choose from, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s best for you.

Category: Telecom Wireless on Jun 12, 2006

How to send money home (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | How to send money home (Chinese) Tips for transferring money overseas.

很多移民會將賺來的錢匯寄一些給故鄉的親朋好友。匯款到海外有幾種方法, 為了協助大家, 這本刊物對於各類匯款公司有詳盡之解說。

Many immigrants send some of their earnings to relatives and friends in their home countries. There are several ways to transfer money overseas. This publication explains the different types of companies that can help with this task.

Category: Banking Credit Prepaid Cards on Jan 06, 2006

Saving to Build Wealth - Make money work for you (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Saving to Build Wealth - Make money work for you (Chinese) .


This brochure provides information about the importance of saving, setting short- and long-term goals to promote saving, opening a savings account and ways to make your money grow faster, including certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), U.S. Savings Bonds and college savings accounts.

Category: Banking Investing Money Management on Sep 28, 2004



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